What Are Design Mantra Services Offerings?

I Am Worried About The Percentage Based Increasing Design And Labor Charges? Do You Offer Anything Different That Would Allow Me Controlling My Budget?

How Do I Register With?

Can We Get Registered Before Visiting DESIGN Mantra Studio?

Do We Get To See The Designs Before Registration?

Do You Visit Site And Give Quotation Before Registration?

Do You Show Any Of Your Site Before Registration?

Do You Have Online Registration Process?

What Will Be My Budget?

Budget varies from project to project and also solely depends on your requirement as well as the choices you make!! You can save a lot of money by choosing materials according to your budget.
Please find below the table to get an idea of approximate budget for Economical, Combo and premium interiors. These budget does not include flooring, toilet dado, and our fees. Economical Budget: Living Room (Economical) + Bedrooms (Economical) .

• 2BHK : 12 - 15 Lacs
• 3BHK: 15 - 20 Lacs
• 4BHK: 20 - 25 Lacs
Combo Budget: Living Room (Premium) + Bedrooms (Economical)
• 2BHK : 15 - 20 Lacs
• 3BHK: 20 - 25 Lacs
• 4BHK: 25 - 30 Lacs
Premium Budget: Living Room (Premium) + Bedrooms (Premium)
• 2BHK: 20 - 25 Lacs
• 3BHK: 35 - 45 Lacs
• 4 BHK: 45 - 50 Lacs

What Are Your Design And Consulting Fees?

Please find below our approximate design and consultancy fees for 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes for economical budget. Design and consultancy fees would vary for combo and premium budgets. For sites out of Maharashtra Client needs to arrange for a to and fro air-travel (Ticket booking) and accommodation for the Design Mantras executive as well as principle architects for on-site visit. Client may opt for an option to get the material selection done in Pune, also. Outstation projects within maharashtra will be charged extra as per distance of site for onsite visits of Design MANTRA Executive as well as principal architect

• 2BHK: INR 1,35,000 onwards (Plus GST @ 18%)
• 3BHK: INR 1,75,000 onwards (Plus GST @ 18%)
• 4BHK: INR 2,75,000 onwards (Plus GST @ 18%)
A. These fees do not include charges for flooring ,dado selection and toilet 3D views
B. The listed design fees are applicable for apartments only. Design fees for bunglow is charged based on the room sizes.
C. The listed design fees are applicable only for sites within Pune and PCMC area.
D. Charges for sites within Mumbai area are as listed below. (3 site visits included)
• 2BHK: INR 1,65,000 onwards (Plus GST @ 18%)
• 3BHK: INR 2,25,000 onwards (Plus GST @ 18%)
• 4BHK: INR 3,50,000 onwards (Plus GST @ 18%)


WHY DO Design Mantra Take Their Entire Payment Before Completion Of Project?

IS The Advance Amount Refundable?

Do We Get To Know Each And Every Contractors Budget Before Finalizing It?

How Do I Ensure The Price And Quality Of Materials?

Who Is Responsible For Quality Of Materials And Quality Of The Work Of Contractors?

Do You Do The Site Visits Every Day, On A Weekly Basis Or Is There A Specific Schedule?

Do You Come For Site Visits During Project Execution?

What Is The Timeline For Completion Of The Project?

What Will Be The Duration Of My Site Completion?

Do You Offer Both Design Services For Residential And Commercial Spaces?

Do You Offer Design For A Home With Existing Furniture Or For Just A Part Of The Home?

Do You Work If We Are Already Staying In Flat In Which Interior Needs To Be Done?

How long will the design take?

How can I estimate total cost of the entire project?

What do you need from me?

Can I use my own contractor?

What if I don’t like my design?