Bungalow Interior Design for Mr. Dhumad

Designing a Home is an art that only a few can do. There are many experts that provide an excellent array of services at very friendly rates. They design Home in such a way that you will have enough  storage space to store various items.A bungalow located it kiwale has been structured keeping in mind the most significant requirement of a client to split the bungalow into two if required in future. By just creating a brickwork which would be common for both the row houses, the bungalow has thus been designed exactly symmetrical along the central line, which would never hamper the exterior elevation.The roof of bungalow look cool, unusual and architecturally interesting. The triangular arched roof is done on some portion of the house to add a well artistic touch to the architecture of the house and  flat roof done on remaining part to look modern and stylish.An impressive and aesthetically nice trend created with the use of dramatic and astonishing colors. We use grey and minute white paint color to look decorative and create a sensation. The architecture  design of this project is one of the great design done by interior designer in  Hadapsar, pune in their overall work.

  • Client:

    Mr. Digambar Suryawanshi

  • Property Type:

    Bungalow Interior Designing

  • Location

    Kiwale, Pune