Tips for Corporate office design to improve the productivity

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When we consider the fact that people spend their 40 hours working in their corporate office space. So it is important to make the office space more productive. as the lack of productivity will impact organizational profitability.  Small changes at your workspace can make big differences in productivity and positivity. The lack of productivity will impact organizational profitability.  Small changes at your workspace can make big differences in productivity and positivity.A well-planned workspace can make it easier for people to complete tasks more quickly and effectively. wondering how to create a productive environment? Here are Few tips and ways to improve productivity in the office:

1. Get ampulse space:

Be sure that you have ample workspace for your business, by having a workspace which is beautiful and interesting, employees become more productive. whether you are planning an open space environment or cubicle or even a work station employees can move freely about. Your employees don’t need lavish multi-storage building they need a creative space. BY access space who have natural light, private meeting rooms, collaborative spaces you will increased employee satisfaction and productivity.

2. Incorporate plants and natural material:

Office plants have been proven an effect on employees’ mood, productivity, and general wellbeing, making them essential for any thriving workplace. Research has shown that plants reduce stress. According to 2014 research by the University of Exeter, employees productivity jumped by 15% after work environments are filled with just a handful of houseplants. Also, plants clean the air, indoor plants can help reduce carbon dioxide levels by about 10% in air-conditioned offices. Fresh air means more productive work.

3. Change the color theme :

one of the most efficient way to increase your employee’s activity is to paint bright and strong colors. The bold color will keep concentrated and open for communication. According to the research from the University of Texas to improve productivity in the workplace one should move away from white, grey color shades which are so common in corporate offices. Color like Green and Blue have been proven to have the biggest impact on productivity, due to the fact that these colors appear often in nature.

4. Offer a place to unwind:

As per the latest trend, you should consider setting up a separate space which can be used for unwinding and resetting. Having a relaxation room can make your staff feel like home more than anything. You can set up a Display for watching a movie or a bookshelf for book lovers so they can read and relax. such things will offer them a way to recharge their internal batteries. Spend on some gaming consoles like fossils, Tabel tennis or pool table or anything else which your employees can enjoy and your budget allows you.

5.More natural light:

While designing your office, you should aim to you to incorporate natural light as possible. Good daylight has been shown to have a 3 – 40% gain in productivity and sales. Getting an insufficient amount of light can affect a person’s mood in a negative way and can result in less productivity. Research has also shown the employees with more exposure to natural daylight typically sleeps well at night, while those working in artificial light tend to feel more tired at the end of the day.


6. Creative Walls

Employees will feel much better of the walla are covered with good paintings or motivational quotes. creating an office space that resembles home became much more interesting and practical. GO ahead and print a bunch of quotes images and artwork.and you will notice how the mood of your employees will improve i. no time.Design Mantra Studio will help you design your interior as per the requirement. Visit our website for Corporate office design, IT company interior designers, Interior designer services and many more..